Fashion Photography Fact File

The fashion industry and especially the modeling industry in big cities like Toronto would not be the same if fashion photographers downed their tools and declared that fashion photography were no more. This genre is very important as it devotes itself to displaying clothing and other fashion items and trends. Fashion photography is important in the modeling industry because whenever designers need to display their collections they usually enlist the services of fashion photographers to take pictures of models dressed in their clothes. People who do not go to runaways usually get the fashion via fashion magazines as they look for trendy designs. These people would otherwise not appreciate fashion in its raw form were it not for fashion photography.

Fashion photography is an art and fashion photographers have helped designers sell their clothes and items by taking good pictures of models wearing the clothes and posing in various positions at exotic locations. When aspiring models and especially those in Toronto want to have their pictures taken, usually get fashion photographers to take their pictures. Pictures taken by fashion photographers have been known to propel the careers of some models to dizzying heights.

Some people living in cities like Toronto often wonder what the requirements needed to fulfill their aspirations to break into the industry. Since fashion photography is an art, one needs to have artistic skill to ensure efficacy in their work. A natural sense of style and a knack to portray clothes artistically are some of the necessities for one to join successfully this field. One should also have an artistic inclination in regards to composition and modeling. Ethics and etiquette are other requirements a fashion photographer should posses, as they would need to travel widely to meet many people in their line of work. An additional element needed is for one to have is technical ability; as this will help one know how to work with the equipment used for this type of activity. An entrepreneurship spirit and skills can help one get ahead in this field especially if they live in fashion cities like Toronto. Another mandatory requirement is the basic equipment for one to flourish in these endeavors. One cannot break into the field if they do not have an ideal camera.

If a person wants to break into fashion photography, one should come up with a portfolio. They can either put the work they have done in a physical portfolio or develop a portfolio website to post their work. After the putting a portfolio together, one should send them to locations such as modeling agencies and fashion magazines. Alternatively, one can enlist the services of a photo agency to market his or her pictures. One benefit of fashion photography is one gets to travel to numerous locations and meet many people. People who photography and images could find this profession a worthwhile endeavor as it would bring one satisfaction through what they love to do. This profession also pays well; fashion photography is a well paying profession. Professional fashion photographers are always on demand; thus, one will never be out of work longer than they need to be.

Limitless Fashion

History of American Fashion is replete with stories of contributions of various individuals who supported particular style and helped build a brand around their favorite style by becoming icons themselves.

Many celebrities can be recalled for having pursued their individualist styles and managed to bring fame to their style of fashion.

One cannot forget Betty Boop, considered the sex symbol in 1930s for her loud and exhibitionist style of dressing. Her style of dressing came from her own personality and accentuated the role she wanted to portray. Her high energy combined well with her dark above thigh flapper dresses, shocking colored stockings up to the thigh with heeled boots and short hair style and managed to get the entire society’s attention.

1960’s saw the rise of Edie Sedgwick, the beautiful American actress, model and socialite turn fashion icon and famous artist Andy Warhol’s muse. It was her sculpted body features with long legs, straight silky hair accessorized with fur, dangling ear rings and pointed high heels that made her the top model and the most sought after fashion icon in the society.

Claire Danes who played the role of Angela Chase in My So Called Life stands out from amongst the style icons of the 1990s. She had not only performed her role stunningly but also managed to create her own brand of style of clothes that were feminine as well as fashionable. In fact she can be credited with having started her own trend with floral printed dresses with elegant chokers and matching boots with pointed toes.

Lady Gaga is another name who can be said to stand out from amongst the present times celebrities. Her style of dressing does not follow any convention or trend but is rather technical and futuristic. Wearing the kind of platinum blond hair with skintight metallic outfits and unconventional dressing has been spectacular display of a risk taking and daring attitude. Not many understand this style but yet a lot of young fans prefer to follow her trend.

Fashion is not longer conventional and set. The trends keep changing with no set course. As people keep experimenting they do explore different styles and combinations of their own influenced by anything that catches their fancy including technology or philosophy.

The Quest for the Most Fashionable Evening Dress

If a woman is tasked to choose an evening dress for herself, she could just easily drop by the nearest or her preferred dress shop and grab one which catches her eyes the best. On ordinary occasions, a woman would simply choose which she thinks is the best among the bunch of clothes presented to her by the sales person and check if it fits her budget.

However, if one is to choose clothes that is the best considering fashion and trends or what is the latest look of the season, then I bet choosing will be a hundred times harder since fashion trends change every season. If you are going to attend a high-end social gathering or a corporate event, then you will definitely want to be in your best regardless of everyone’s standards.

Evening dresses inevitably became the measure of power and status quo among society women nowadays. With a simple dress, people can easily judge a woman on a party as elegant, mediocre, promiscuous, or worse, forgettable. If you are one person who cares what impression you are to leave to the lookers of the party, then you must take dress-hunting to a whole new level. Surely, you do not want to send out the wrong impression.

Looking for an evening dress can be tricky since trends change every season. In fashion, nothing is constant. One day, this look is “in”, but the next day it isn’t. One way to know what’s hot at the moment is by looking at magazines or watching televisions and look for red carpet events. Try to look for the similarities among their clothes. Are most of them wearing empire cut dresses? How about mermaid-fin cut gowns? Look at the connection on what popular designers have come up with through their creations.

A sure tip in finding an evening wear that might help is to know your body. Following trends is good but must not be applied at all times. The reason for this is because fashion is different from trend. Trend is what’s latest and happening right now, while fashion is the knowing your body type and determining what works with it. No matter how much you like a trending fashion item, if it does not go well with your skin tone or physical features, then it’s best to leave it in the rack.

At the end of the day, it’s feeling beautiful that is important when you choose a dress. While some would go for pieces that they think is fashionable, making it work with your body figure is always the best choice. Lastly, do not be afraid to experiment and accessorize because the best fashion trends were once just an imagination and experiment of one creative person. Have fun searching for the perfect evening dress and work your magic to steal the night.

Why Fashion Is Always Changing

Everyone is affected by fashion to some extent. In the era of early supermodel age, fashion could be categorized by glamour or commons. Today, fashion is fast, trendless, comfortable, and personal. Street fashion, as one of the most popular form, is more of a reflection of personality and lifestyle than of trends in general. Because social media have offered abundant avenues for people to get to know trends happening now, fashion has becoming really shapeless. Hollywood stars have their Facebook and Twitter accounts updating almost every second of their day including what they are wearing. Thus, Stars set fashion trends. However, Stars are not the only people only can openly express their fashion styles. Bloggers of fashion, not just professionals, but ordinary peoples, can send out their fashion style to the world. In an instant, fashion has truly become everyday, everywhere, and everyone.

In the information age and a much globalized world community, fashion has transformed in its outlook, and concept as it starts embodying many varieties of elements of different cultures. For example, in the 1980s, jeans had monopolized youth culture not only in the U.S. but also other countries, particularly East Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Now, American styles are no longer the standard as designers of different ethnic background incorporate their own outlook into their design. In addition, in this much globalized world, ethnicity is no longer the only factor that affect the trend in fashion as it was decades ago. Now, people are guided by taste, lifestyle, and experiences. For instance, Alexander Wang’s simple power women’s look has won many fans of minimalism. Thus, it is possible the fashion’s trajectory will more closely appeal to people’s lifestyle and social trends.

Furthermore, today fashion has much evolved to embody personal brand. Everyone’s unique style can be called his or her fashion. For example, punk style was originally styles of socially discontented youth’s, now it has been taken up even by couture designers. Decades ago, fashion had it standard rules such as how women and men should wear. Today, fashion is not strictly dictated by gender. There have emerged a new class of fashion called unisex in which clothing lines can be worn by both sexes.

This type of fashion has been tremendously popular given greater equalities between men and women. Women have more choices than before.

Not only adults, children have their own fashion. Although they mimicked what the adults wear, children’s fashion also been commercialized extensively. Children’s fashion is greatly affected by adult fashion. Many adult designer brands also have children’s line that follow closely of the adult trends.

Fashion styles have been changed that allowed more freedom of choices. The price of fashion has also been changed. Before, fashionable clothing meant high prices. Now, a fashionable piece of clothing doesn’t need to be expensive. Brands such as Forever 21, J. Crew, Target clothing and etc. offer couture style clothing with very affordable prices. Simply put, price doesn’t equate good style or good fashion any more.

Trending Fashions for Clothing Photography

Just as the fashion keeps trending so does the ways of keeping the glad rags in the spot light. Reputed fashion houses have their own studios that employ special photos to capture the creative designer collections. Apart from the rich design studios even e-commerce vendors who sell their designs on portals use clothing photography extensively. At one time the clothing photography was confined to brochures, catalogues and other print mediums. Today its usage is in the websites and this makes it a global business. Specialized photos are already devising new methods to stay ahead in the rat race. In fact they are trending the latest fashionable ways to help their clients to sell their designer stocks in the shortest possible time. From time to time we see some of the most stylish examples of photographer done with good taste.

The busiest section involves the still shoots indoors. The most essential tools that are required include soft lens, lights of varying depth, tents and reflectors. Imagine having the wrong kit, for shooting clothes and it is a potential disaster. Already there are many sections diving different clothes-i.e. women, men, kids, sports, and other categories like embroidered clothes and company logos on clothes. For different section there are different kinds of lighting and other tools. Then the client and the photographer will also discuss if the clothes will be shot across on the rack or table top. The use of full mannequins or bust of mannequins is also possible. The Kuhl light 120 soft boxes are very common in use. The tool kit contains 20″ flood light and also a stand mount. The light stands are adjustable, and the diffusion panels can be removed also. It also contains some additional accessories to help the shooting. The regular items include steam iron, foam board, camera tether wide-angle lens. Even Photoshop elements are included in the inventory.

Clothing photography can be very demanding. Now with e-commerce taking charge, the need for clothing vendors on the web is increasing. They need good pictures of the garments and from the right angles. The whole idea is not to deceive the buyer but show the right features of the garment. It is a risk that the photographer takes when he does some gimmicks to highlight some areas of the clothing. For example taking shots of silk ties can be a real task for any professional shooter also. How he will bring out the design for men to buy is an art. It needs planning before the execution. Multiple angles are used for clicking the pictures. They can be made 2 D or 3D depending on the key elements to be highlighted. Sometimes a top angle shot can do the trick. At times the eye level or lower angle may be needed.

Trending Fashion in the Activewear Industry

The concept of activewear is gaining much popularity among today’s youth as people are becoming more and more conscious about their health and fitness. Even well-known fashion designers have started launching their own brand of fitness wear. It is very important to wear proper attire when it comes to working out. Besides keeping you comfortable, it also gives you a sense of motivation to achieve your goal. A proper pair of shoes and apparel is just good enough to wake you up on those lazy early mornings for working out.

Just like anything else in the fashion industry, this line has its own classic collection meant for day to day regular classic exercises. However, with these trending exercises like running barefoot or Zumba dancing, wearing the right kind of apparel has become very important.

Some of the trending fashions statements in lieu of fitness are listed below.

• Patterned leggings: Nowadays, even fashion designers are experimenting with fitness clothes. With the trending designs, one can actually be confused between a weekend wear and an activewear. Gone are those days when people used to wear regular leggings and tank tops during workout sessions. Something to look out for now is printed, sparkling, textured leggings which are comfortable yet fashionable. With sequins and floral patterns and mesh structures on leggings, these are now becoming fashion statements for many people who work out regularly. However, before buying one must make sure that the material is comfortable enough for the skin.

• Pullovers with pockets: This kind of attire is perfect for chilly parts of the world where the only workout would not help to make you feel warm. Thus, with the onset of these trendy pullovers with a multiple number of pockets it has become very easy to carry mobile phones, keys, and other accessories for workout sessions. The sweat-absorbent material near the armpit and other areas makes it very comfortable for the person to workout.

• Headbands: The new improved headbands are no more used to keep the hair tied back. However, they cover the ears during cold chilly winter mornings. Though using a headband to tie the hair has slowly gone out of fashion there are still some women who use double strap ones to keep the hair off their face in order to avoid any irritation during workout sessions.